Frequently Asked Questions

Applied Epi Incorporated is a registered nonprofit corporation in Maryland USA. It is recognised by the US government as a public charity, with 501(c)(3) status (EIN: 87-2222471). This means that all funds received must be used for our operations and programs.

How are you different from other groups and companies?

We are technical experts who also have field experience. We have each spent years in local and emergency settings - so we know the challenges of applied epidemiology. This perspective allows us to develop tools and training and support that truly address the needs of ground-level practitioners.

What is Applied Epi’s mission statement?

Applied Epi aims to improve the quality of applied epidemiology by fostering a global community which expands access to free open-source software and methods through practical training, tools, and support

What are Applied Epi’s values?

Pragmatism, Accountability, Accessibility, Community, and Open source

How can I help Applied Epi?

We invite you to:

Will your products always be free?

The Epi R Handbook, our tutorials, and R packages will always be free. Our synchronous training services such as R training courses are offered using a cost structure that leaves flexibility for low-income customers.

Where are your user policies?

See our Terms of Service here: Terms of Service

See our Privacy policy here: Privacy policy

How should I contact Applied Epi?

Email us at [email protected], tweet us @appliedepi or @epiRhandbook, or find us on LinkedIn.