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Discussion and community assistance on topics in applied epidemiology and public health

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What is Applied Epi Community?

Applied Epi Community is a free, public discussion online forum for applied epidemiology and public health.

How do I post an R code question?

The Community is a welcoming place for beginners. Review this guidance and make your first post!

What topics can I post about?

You can post questions about R code, epidemiological methods, mathematical modeling, genomic epidemiology, directions for development of open-source tool, share tools, opportunities, and more.

Do I need to create an account to participate?

No account is needed to see the questions and responses. To make a post you must make an account.

Who manages the Community?

Applied Epi team members moderate the activity, but we also expect the community to self-moderate.

What if my question isn’t answered?

Applied Epi is actively working to establish a global R Help Desk catered to applied epidemiologists. You will be able to escalate your question to our R technicians, for a fee. Your institution will also be able to subscribe to our R Help Desk.

How can I report misbehavior on the platform?

You can flag a post to administrators by clicking the three dots under the post and selecting the flag icon. If you want to speak with us email [email protected].

How can I support this community?

It costs Applied Epi to sustain this platform. You can support us by making a donation, or by answering questions for your peers!

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