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Applied Epi is a nonprofit organization strengthening epidemiological practice through training, tools, and support

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About Us

We are field epidemiologists with R expertise, supporting frontline public health with access to versatile analytical tools and robust epidemiological methods.

We are the home of The Epidemiologist R Handbook, used 1.2 million times by 350,000 people.

We deliver practical R training courses to hundreds of health agencies and NGOs worldwide.

We host Applied Epi Community - a Q&A forum for R code and public health practice.



Free. Efficient. Cutting-edge.
For a Haitian epidemiologist, using our free Epi R Handbook to transition routine analyses to R meant more flexibility, confidence, and time for systemic change.

With R I can do anything. What took 10 hours in Excel, I do in less than 1 hour. Also it is easier to detect if there is a mistake.

Not just a new tool, but a new culture.
In open-source software like R, users have the agency to be creators - to share localized solutions. Innovation is decentralised and career pathways are opened.

For Applied Epi, R is just the beginning.
Adoption of R as the free common analytical language will facilitate higher-quality analyses, interoperability between agencies, reproducibility, overdue investment in ground-level personnel, and standardisation of scientific methods and training.

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Our Services

We are building a supportive ecosystem of materials, assistance, and community
to bring applied epidemiology into a new era.

The Epi R Handbook

The free R code reference manual for applied epidemiology

R Training

R training by technical experts who have practical experience

Applied Epi Support

Community and Help Desk assistance for code and methods

Applied Epi Methods

We work with partners to standardise our scientific epi methods

R transition support

We help your organization transition to R

R curriculum design

We help you teach R to your students and staff

Multilingual services

We strive to make materials and services multiple languages


Joining our community links you into a broad practitioner network

Partnerships to support ground-level practitioners

We work closely with local Field Epi Training Programs (FETPs), national, and local health agencies
We also collaborate with global entities like TEPHINET, WHO, and Doctors without Borders

Partner with us

Stats and testimonials

We love to hear your stories!
If you enjoy using the Epi R Handbook, tell us at contact@appliedepi.org, join our contact list, or tweet @epiRhandbook

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